Laboratoire de Chimie Organo-MinÚrale

                                                                                            directed by Jean-Pierre SAUVAGE


Welcome to the LCOM !



LCOM means "Laboratoire de Chimie Oragno-MinÚrale" and is lead by Jean-Pierre SAUVAGE.

Its title included the word "organo", because organic chemistry is the central theme of the lab : we build complex molecules like molecular machines, knots or eletron transfer triads by the so-called "bottom-up approach". Organic chemistry is the science that enables us to create and link together the building blocks of our molecules.

"MinÚrale" means that our chemistry includes also non-organic elements, and mainly transition metal ions. The lab is specialized in the chemistry of copper, ruthenium, irridium and zinc, but we have been using also many other metals like gold and, of course, all metal used for catalysis in organic chemistry (palladium, tin, etc...).

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Last update: 2nd April 2008